MCQ test for class 8 science Chapter 1 Crop Production and Management

Class 8 students are preparing to take the MCQ test for class 8 science.

This is an important test that will help determine whether or not the student is ready to move on to class 9. Students should be familiar with the test format and know what to expect.

The MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) is an important tool in the assessment of student understanding of concepts and processes.

It can be used to measure students’ mastery of content, identify areas where more instruction or practice is required, and assess progress. 

In this article, we provide instructions on how to create an MCQ for a science class. The MCQ should be tailored to the specific content and skills being assessed.

Question 1.
The process of loosening the soil is called
(a) tilling
(b) harvesting
(c) spraying
(d) weeding


Answer: (a) tilling

Question 2.
Which is pesticides?
(a) 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
(b) Malathion
(c) Metolachlor
(d) Chloroform


Answer: (b) Malathion

Question 3.
A seed drill is used for
(a) harvesting
(b) cleaning the seed
(c) sowing
(d) wedding


Answer: (c) sowing

Question 4.
Rabi crop is harvested in
(a) January
(b) March
(c) October
(d) September


Answer: (b) March

Question 5.
Maize grow well during
(a) June
(b) January
(c) April
(d) September


Answer: (a) June

Question 6.
The agricultural instrument used for removal of weed is
(a) sickle
(b) khurpi
(c) seed drill
(d) plough


Answer: (b) khurpi

Question 7.
Transplantation of seedling is done in
(a) coffee
(b) cocoa
(c) rice
(d) mango


Answer: (c) rice

Question 8.
Compost is a
(a) manure
(b) fertilizer
(c) pesticide
(d) weedicide


Answer: (a) manure

Question 9.
BHC (Benzene hexachloride) is a
(a) weedicide
(b) fertiliser
(c) fungicide
(d) pesticides


Answer: (d) pesticides

Question 10.
The chemical substances rich in nutrients are called
(a) fertilizer
(b) weedicide
(c) pesticides
(d) herbicides


Answer: (a) fertilizer

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Question 11.
The process of separation of grain from the chaff after harvesting is known as
(a) tilling
(b) threshing
(c) spraying
(d) wedding


Answer: (b) threshing

Question 12.
The soil matter formed by decayed organic matter is called
(a) pesticide
(b) fertilizer
(c) humus
(d) biocide


Answer: (c) humus

Question 13.
The supply of water to crops at appropriate intervals is called
(a) cultivation
(b) irrigation
(c) harvesting
(d) sowing


Answer: (b) irrigation

Question 14.
Which simple tool is used to remove weeds?
(a) Sickle
(b) Plough
(c) Hoe
(d) Seed drill


Answer: (c) Hoe

Question 15.
Which instrument is used for spraying weedicides?
(a) Sprayer
(b) Cultivator
(c) Plough
(d) Combine


Answer: (a) Sprayer

Conclusion MCQ test for class 8 science Chapter 1 Crop Production and Management

In conclusion, The MCQs are designed to assess your understanding of the concepts and skills covered in the chapter. We also provide some sample answers that you can use to assess your own knowledge.

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