Best Country for Masters for Indian Students

India is a land of opportunities. The country has been constantly producing some of the best talents in various fields.

But some students want to study Abroad for Masters’s degree but they don’t know which is the Best Country for Masters for Indian Students.

Studying abroad is an opportunity that many Indian students jump at.

The experience of living in a foreign country and attending a world-renowned university is one that cannot be missed.

However, with so many countries to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for you.

If you are looking for the best country to study abroad for your master’s degree, then this post is for you.

Top 5 study destinations apart from US & UK for Indian students

Numerous Indian students enroll each year in specialized programs offered by universities abroad. Universities overseas emphasize practical knowledge more.

 Best Country for Masters for Indian Students

This characteristic is one of the key advantages of going to school in industrialized countries.

For aspiring foreign students, there are presently a lot more options than only the UK, USA, and Australia.

Students are now traveling to new countries to get degrees that are sought-after on the international market as a result of altering trends.

The top 5 countries for Indian students wishing to study abroad outside of the UK, USA, and Australia are listed below.

1. Germany

One of the most popular studies abroad countries in Europe for Indian students is Germany.

The cost of living is slightly higher but the amount spent on tuition is almost zero or very little, making this one of the most affordable travel destinations.

A fee that wouldn’t burn a hole in your wallet for high-quality education.

More than 70% of Indian students are choosing to study in Germany because of the country’s best institutions and colleges, which provide high-quality education.

German authorities only impose extremely little administration fees and other minimal expenditures on overseas students each semester.

Indian students benefit from the opportunity to work 120 full or 240 partial days each year while enrolled in classes.

For Indian students, there are also excellent scholarship alternatives.

According to QS, more than 10 German institutions are included among the top 200 universities in the world.

More than 800 academic options are available to students in India through more than 350 institutions.

2. Canada

Canada is currently one of the most sought-after places for Indian students to study abroad.

The number of students going to Canada for higher education has increased significantly in recent years.

The country benefits from the enthusiasm of Indian students in fields including biotechnology, animation, hospitality, engineering, environmental studies, and mass media.

The educational system in Canada is robust and provides degrees and certificates in a variety of topics.

The cost of tuition is significantly lower in Canada. More scholarships are available for international students, and they can even work part-time jobs outside of school.

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3. New Zealand

One of the most recent additions to the list of well-liked countries for Indian students pursuing higher education abroad is New Zealand.

Over the past five years, there has been a noticeable 400 percent increase in the number of Indian students enrolling at American institutions and colleges.

The best degrees are said to be accessible in a select few academic areas, including horticulture, dairy technology, forensic science, marine engineering, geothermal energy, and biotechnology.

The primary USPs of the country is its secure environment, first-rate educational facilities, considerable computerization, and state-of-the-art training instruments that are also affordably priced.

4. Singapore

There are top-notch management institutes in Singapore. Singapore is thus one of the Indian students’ top choices for study abroad programs in management.

To entice students from India, Singapore’s premier management institutions provide cutting-edge management programs.

Government funding for international students’ tuition amounts to 75%; in exchange, they must remain in the country and work for three years.

Through this advantageous exchange program, the students may obtain work experience after finishing school.

Indian students with exceptional academic potential are eligible to enroll in the 5-star program.

5. France

France is one of the most sought-after countries for Indian students to study abroad.

More than 3500 educational institutions, including public universities and Grandes Écoles, are located throughout the country.

There are several degree options available to Indian students, including courses in business studies, journalism, design, politics, law, and architecture.

Higher education in France is reasonably priced at public institutions.

The government also provides aid and monetary rewards to qualified students for two to three years.

Additionally, Indian students are eligible to apply for scholarships provided by French universities. Housing options are available for international students.


In conclusion, getting a Master’s degree abroad can be a great way to experience new cultures, learn new languages, and gain valuable skills.

With so many countries to choose from, it can be difficult to decide where to go.

However, based on the factors of cost, quality of life, and employment opportunities, Canada is the best country for Masters’s students.

So if you’re looking for an amazing study abroad experience, look no further than Canada!

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